Tuesday, July 20, 2010

12-7-10 or “Hike Till You Drop”

We (the Kalinzi stove team) decided to head to Mwamgngo to join Zach, Kanika and Wendy to do efficiency testing on the rocket stove. Hiking proved to be the easiest and least costly method of getting there and Parker, Kevin, Tim and Ryan left Kalinzi around 8:30 in the morning to begin the 6 or 7 mile trek to Mwam.

Our path involved descending from the valley, ascending another mountain, passing along a ridge to get to the other side and making our way down the newly built “road” to Mwamgango, which was fairly steep and covered with rocks. Our trek afforded us both gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and encounters with goats, cows and much-intrigued locals. MTV (Mzungu Television) was showing all day.

We arrived in Mwamgongo in the afternoon and after a delicious lunch of lake fish, rice, beans and salted tomatoes prepared by Chako, briefed each other on the status of both of the stove projects. Zach was very excited about the potential of the rocket stove in Mwamgongo as a law limiting the amount of firewood that could be bought had just been passed.

In the evening, we watched the sun set from the porch of the field station, which is just on the edge of the Lake and had a Swahili lesson from the kids. Kanika and Wendy have formed really good relationships with the kids, which will prove beneficial for the educational segment of our project.


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