Thursday, July 8, 2010

4.7.10 or “Sunday”

Today was a sort of transition day. We forgot how much closes down on Sunday (even though it is an incredibly Muslim area). The Jane Goodall Institute is closed for the weekend. Mitch and Aaron got back from Gombe. We had heard many rumors, but finally got confirmation that Jane Goodall herself was in town. Mitch and Aaron stumbled across her while she was taking her morning Tea, and got to talk to her. She is keeping an incredibly busy schedule for Africa Time, so I don’t think we will get to meet her. JGI has been in a big bustle getting ready for her. Since none of the people we needed to meet with were available today, we decided to seize the day and head out to Jacobson’s Beach, a beach south of Kigoma that is beautiful and has rocks to jump off of. It was incredibly clear today, we could pretty clearly see the Congo across. For me (Parker) it was crazy since all of last summer we couldn’t see it at all. Suddenly there are gigantic mountains in the distance.

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