Tuesday, July 20, 2010

16-7-10 or “The day we found out how awesome Tanzanian hospitality is”

Aaron and Mitch decided, in conjunction with government officials, to create a checklist that would help villages better maintain their water systems. As such, they spent the morning printing and copying pamphlets to distribute to village officials.

Tim, Parker, Kevin and Ryan spent the morning at JGI, testing out one of the new stoves that we commissioned from the metal workers. We got some interesting feedback from a JGI employee who liked that the stove produced less smoke than the traditional 3-stone fire. Tim also had some meetings and he tried to gauge, on behalf of the group, the best way of distributing the stoves.

In the evening, we spent a few hours at Jacobston’s beach, where Parker spotted an otter and we all saw monkeys. Later that night, we had dinner, on invitation, with our translator. We were incredibly impressed by the warm hospitality shown by our host and were grateful to eat a delicious meal of pasta, pelau and beans.


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