Tuesday, July 20, 2010

17-7-10 or “Parker, don’t go!”

Today, Parker left Kigoma for Dar es Salaam, where he will be spending two days before returning to the U.S on Monday. We realized how lucky we were to have him here to build on the foundation that he and Zach set up last summer. After shedding tears (jk), we bid him farewell and returned to our lodgings.

While there, we had a chance encounter with a guy from a non-profit called MIBOS. We all visited their headquarters and learned that in addition to running an orphanage, MIBOS also had a parcel of land that they wanted to grow food on. They needed technology for a water distribution system and this is an area where we could potentially do future work.

In the evening, we thought some more about potential business models for our stove once we got a good design. We realized that we have a lot to learn and are trying to make sure that we make use of all of the resources on the ground and at Dartmouth.


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