Thursday, July 8, 2010

2.7.10 or “Dr. Charles gets red carded for a handball”

We started splitting up into the three main project groups, Coffee Stove, Mwamgongo stove, water. Kevin, Ryan and Parker went to JGI to start arranging our trip to Kalinzi. Rita spilled some hot oil on her foot, so she wasn’t available to start working with us that day. Clara, at JGI, is quite possibly the most useful person we have ever met in Tanzania. She wrote up our letter to the village government and said that we should be able to arrange a ride on Monday to Kalinzi.

Mitch and Aaron have been focusing on the water assessment side of the project in mwamgongo so far. They spent their few days there surveying the system, so they can figure out what improvements we can make on it. They are now in Kigoma trying to track down who exactly built the water system and anyone that knows about it.

Kanika and Zach spent their day finding us a new hotel that we could get cheaper doubles and getting ready for their departure to Mwamgongo on Saturday on the water taxi.

After work we headed to dinner and tried to find a place to watch the Holland/Brazil game. I (Parker) have started to appreciate vuvuzelas a lot more, because they let you know instantly that the World Cup is playing. You just need to follow the sound of bees and you can see the game. I walked into the Lake View Hotel (a small place with local food) and there was a bunch of people watching the game and drinking beer, but no food, so I headed over to the bar to ask the bartender if they were serving food yet. As I am waiting to ask him, I feel someone grabbing for my hand. I turn around and see a familiar, yellow-eyed man sitting there, saying to me, “Do you remember Dr. Charles?” I talk with him for a bit, but tell him that I need to go meet my friends outside. We end up at our favorite restaurant, The New Modern Restaurant which was empty (probably because they don’t serve beer – also a guarantee for no Dr. Charles. It’s our favorite because they cook some food, and then only serve what they have prepared = a quick meal. Plus they have amazing juice and end every meal with a free fruit cup. Yum.

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