Tuesday, July 20, 2010

19-7-10 or “It’s True, a watched pot really never boils!”

We returned to Kalinzi yesterday ( Sunday) after picking up our stoves in the market to start testing our design with the six women who agreed to use our stoves and give us feedback. Yesterday evening, we took the dimensions of each of the stoves and labeled each accordingly.

Today, we met with two of the women, discussed the working of the stoves with them and gave them to test for the next few days. We also did a great deal of testing on our own including a longevity test (keeping the fire going for about an hour and a half) and trying out different combinations of wood and coffee husks. We found that adding fuel while the fire is burning hot is very beneficial.

In the evening, we had somewhat of a spectacle outside of the field station as a herd of goats and a man singing and dancing to gospel music appeared. We were testing the stove during this event and were very happy for the free publicity.


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