Thursday, July 8, 2010

3.7.10 or “The WaDuma”

The Coffee stove group met with Rita for breakfast. We gave her “new moon” – she was very excited. We went into the mwanga market with her to talk with the guys who make the stoves. We commissioned a stove so that we could watch him make it from start to finish. With a hammer, chisel, pilers and a piece of railroad track, he was able to do a lot. The basic conclusion was that with the techniques that he uses on the charcoal stove, he could definitely make a gasification stove for us. We told him that we would be back later in the summer to teach him how to build our stove.

Mitch and Aaron had run into a group of 5 women doctors from Vermont, who were also working through JGI and were also funded by Green Mountain Coffee. They were just finishing their stay and had hired a boat to Gombe and invited Mitch and Aaron to join them. Since none of the people that they needed to talk to were around on the weekend, the seized this chance for a free ride.

Tim and wendy flew in and joined us. Dinner was again football centered – at the Mwaka hill hotel. Food as always took forever, but eating out is a good chance to have a group meeting and watch the game.

Anxious to get started with the Rocket stove project, Zach and Kanika packed up their things and headed out to Mwamgongo on the Water Taxi. A three (in the best of times) hour ride north from Kigoma along the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Its real pretty, especially as you pass by the shores of Gombe Stream National Park.

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