Thursday, July 8, 2010

1.7.10 or “Kigoma Kitamu” (Sweet Kigoma)

Parker, Zach, Kanika, Ryan, and Kevin head to Kigoma. Tim and Wendy were not able to make all of the meetings that they had planned for meeting with carbon crediting stuff, so they decided to stay a few more days in Dar to talk with various people involved with Carbon crediting in Tanzania. Flying across the country we could see many of the “wild” fires (aka slash and burn) that across responsible for the haze in kigoma. When we arrived we were surprised to learn that Mitch and Aaron, who had been in Mwamgongo with Rita and Tuma, had caught a free ride back to Kigoma and were in Kigoma.

The seven of us set out to try and find rooms. Unfortunately, the place that we really like to stay at, the aqua lodge doesn’t do reservations very well. They were booked, so we set off to the High Tech lodge, because we knew that they would have enough room s for all of us. Strangely it is more socially acceptable for a guy and a girl to sleep together in a room, than it is for two guys to sleep together in a king sized bed. They wouldn’t budge and we ended up having to pay for singles for everyone, But it was just one night and breakfast was included so we didn’t lose too much. We headed down to the Lake Tanganika Hotel pavilion for many of our first kigoma sunset over Lake Tanganika and to catch some football. We were able to get in contact with Revo, our translator from last summer, and invited him over for dinner at the High Tech Lodge. We knew that it would take a long time to get our food (High tech is famous for it), but we weren’t quite prepared for the 2+ hours that it took, but it provided a good time to catch up with Revo and the other team members.

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